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Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Ok, i often post historical or scientific stuff, often weaponry or goofy things. But i would really like to be serious about something. I think we can all agree about one universal truth in our universe that won't likely be forgotten in the eons to come.
  And this thought is: how freaking awesome is bacon?

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Twilight VS Blade

  Every time i see this picture, i laugh. I would give anything to see some parody movie about this. I'm not going to lie, i read the first 2 books and did enjoy them, but just couldn't read the last two. I never saw the movies, but i guess what bugged me the most bout the craze, was the craze itself. That and a soft-core love story with vampires and werewolves ( like Underworld w/o any action scenes at all).
  So , im picturing this: Edward is driving with Bella down the road at high speed. The road is dark, the trees whiz by as the rain drops tap the windshield. Just as the road ahead comes into view, we see Wesley Snipes in his leather coat, sword drawn at his side, not looking up or seeming to even notice the car. Right before he is about to be run down, he leaps up, slashes through the roof of the car, etc etc.

Edit: the idea isn't an even fight between blade and the characters from twilight, but and action packed vampire hunt as Blade destroys everything.

Sunday, February 6, 2011


The Japanese battleship Yamato and her sister ship, the Musashi, were the largest battleships ever built. She displaced 72.8 tons at full load and bore the largest naval guns ever mounted to a ship at 18.1 inches (previous record was 18 inch guns. Shows the spirit of one-ups-man-ship some military designers have.) Due to the vast amount of resources that go into maintaining a battleship and the relative firepower advantage of aircrafter carriers demonstrated in WW2, most countries have ceased production of these mammoth warships.
  By the end of WW2 both were destroyed, and likely ships of their kind won't be built again anytime soon. Until cannon technology (ie railgun tech) improves significantly, the value of these titans is minimal.

Car trapped in ice?

 So by my apartment building my car (as well as my roommate's and friend's cars) were trapped in the snow with a layer of ice underneath. With traction almost nothing, the best way to get the car out is rocking ( drive forward, brake, reverse hard. Rinse repeat.) Salt and sand work quite well for added traction. If some one can push for you, the best way is knees dug into the snow and push, or use an ice pick or snow brush scraper to dig foot holds in. Hot water...almost no help. Creates a surface even more slippery than before, but does make it easier to push if you use enough.
   Good luck to everyone still snowed in!

This is cool


 Rail guns are just cool. Highest velocity guns on the planet. Check the link for some video on one that set a world record.

good ol' warships

Gotta love a warship displacing tons of water just from the shock of its guns.

Surreal things i want someday

If there is one thing i love, it is a surreal moment. A slide between two+ floors is seven shades of damned awesome.

i miss good sci-fi space battles.

  i miss the good old space battles from movies and tv shows. Favorite is the Battle of Endor in Star Wars Ep 6. Fast paced, extended, tons of fighting and  a decent sense of realism. Deep space nine had a few good ones, such as Sacrifice of angels. Battlestar Galactica too had a few good ones, but the storyline kept it from being consistent. It just seems that writers and producers just aren't keen on an extended space-battle scene in their shows.